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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


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Hi Simon
The topic is:"the internet has provided great benefits but at the same time it has also created new problems and inequalities. Is it possible to control some of these problems?"
i think it is a problem/solution question and i write par.1 about the problems and inequalities caused by the internet and par.2 about some suggestions to solve these problems. Is that right?

Hi Bon,

Yes, you've got the right idea.

Hi Simon
is the following topic a kind of cause and effect topic:
to some people studying the past has little value in the modern world. why do you think it is important to do so? what will be the effect if children are not taught history?
if it is will we be allowed to suggest solution for it in the body paragraphs or we have to present it only in the conclusion paragraph?

Hi Bahare,

I think this is just an opinion question, not problem/solution.

Write a paragraph explaining why we should study the past, then a paragraph about what will happen if we don't study the past (this is your opinion about the effects of not studying history).

It doesn't ask you to give any solutions. Just answer the 2 questions.

Hope this helps

Dear Simon, I've just had an ielts test on 14th of october.. Then, I just realised that I've done a foolish mistake by missinterpreted the question. Exactly, it's like this: Some countries illegally do not allow companies to reject people apply for job because of age. Is this a negative or positive development?. I think at that time, Many countries prefer younger people than the old ones so is it positive or negative dev?. So answer's like this: It is true that many owners of companies prefer younger people than the old ones. While there are so many benefits of it, others society also argue that it will give drawbacks to development of the country. I definetely agree with the first opinion owned by the employers. There are several reasons for this. Firsly, younger people have more competencies both hard and soft especially they are from top-ten universities... and then secondly, younger people are healtier, more focus and ... conclusion younger people will give more profit for companies and it will give positive developent for one country. That's all my answer... I's crying at that time... after knowing that I actually didnt answer the question.. So Simon.. if so happen.. wut should I do.. Will the examiner till give me at least 6.. cos for task 1, I did too much time on it, and I felt confident with it.. But task 2.. if I did a huge mistake like this.. Will they give me at least 6? thx Simon, for ur help, I do really feel unconfident now and thingking about taking another IELTS test in the next following week before the result's known.. cos I have no much time to get another IELTS... tq very much Simon... I'm waiting for ur answer soon :)

Hi Nisa,

I answered this question by email.

I wrote an essay about this topic.One sentence in my essay :"But if you ask different individuals what is happiness, there are absolutely a wide variety of answers you would hear."
Today,one of my friends suggested me to revise this sentence like this:"But if you ask different individuals what happiness is, there are absolutely a wide variety of answers you would hear."
is it right?

Hi Johnny,

Your friend is right in saying "what happiness is" because this is not a direct question.

We say: What is happiness?
But we say: Can you explain what happiness is?

Hope this helps

Happiness is considered very important in life.
Why is it difficult to define?
What factors are important in achieving happiness?

Here are some ideas from my ebook.

* Happiness means different things to different people.
* It can be described as a feeling of pleasure or enjoyment.
* People enjoy spending time with family and friends.
* Hobbies, sports and games can be a source of fun and enjoyment.
* Some people see money as a source of happiness.
* Other people define happiness as something deeper.
* They need to feel that they are doing something useful with their lives.
* Some people get a sense of achievement from their work.
* Others find happiness in bringing up their children.

I want to get complete answer using this idea. I wrote Introduction and Conclusion. Can any one help me by sending Body of the essay.

Can anyone help Razia by writing a paragraph using my ideas?

Hi Simon,

I don't know which kind of essay this task is.

I remember that we have 3 different types: problem/solution, thesis-led and argument essays, but I can sort this question above into any of them.

Please help!


Hi Anh,

Really it's an opinion question.

When you see a question like this, it's easy: just write one paragraph about each of the 2 questions (one paragraph about 'why is it difficult...' and one paragraph about 'what factors...')

hi simon
my introduction for this topic:
"Happiness is one of essential factor for satisfaction of life. Providing a definition for it is very difficult, because everyone has differet idea about that. For getting happiness, there are several factors that will be argued in this essay."
Is it good?
Thanks for your help

Hi Goli,

You've definitely got the right idea.

Hi Simon,
About the structure of this essay, should we answer the reason why it's difficult to difine in introdution and two paragraph of important factors, or answer the reason in one paragraph and write important factors in another paragraph. Many many thanks!

Hi Jessie,

I'd mention both questions in a general way in the introduction, then write one main paragraph answering each question: reasons in one paragraph and factors in another.

Happiness is what we are seeking, or what we should be seeking, from our life. However, not many of us can make ourselves happy. Overall, I agree with the statement that happiness is an essential in our life.

Happiness means different things to different people. Most people see money as a source of happiness, while, others define happiness as something deeper. Those who seek for happiness from external sources are never really satisfied. A man imagines that if he could have a certain sum of money, he would be happy, but if he gets it he is not really content. He wants more. As far as I am concern, no earthly happiness is lasting; it never remains. The only cause of this lack of happiness is the discomfort of the spirit.
Happiness is being satisfied with what you have. It does not at all matter how much you have. Our basic needs are very limited and the more you have the more problems and cause of unhappiness you shall have. As long as you yearn to have more than what you have, in terms of wealth or amenities or luxury, you will be unhappy. As I mentioned above, we should be satisfied with factual things what we have. For example, a person could enjoy with current job and get a sense of achievement from work. I can continue illustrating such as, bringing up the children and religion or a sense of purpose can also be a great source for happiness.

In conclusion, I argue a real happiness could be achieved by enjoying spiritual things. Consequently, if our soul will be satisfied, naturally we and surrounding us people can feel happy.

Wooow it was hard for me googling:)

thanks ilkin_baku ,that was really helpful essay

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