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Saturday, September 11, 2010


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Hi Simon,

The writing part 2 on 11.09.10 in UK:
These days developing countries are improving their tourism industry.
How positive is that?

I wrote two paragraphs:
1.First described some about problems in these countries (poverty,...)and then the economical issue.

2. Second explained the globalisation matter (cultural effect, improving language for habitant and....). Have I covered the question?


Part 2: a)Do you watch dance and why? b)Why creativity is different in children (I explained nature versus nurture. Is that right answer?)

Part 3: Explain something you are good at and how did you learn it and how often you do it?

Reading: Not that easy and lots of tricky questions but luckily no heading match.

Thank you very much for all help.

Thanks for sharing your questions Felora. I hope you get the score you need.

Good luck!


i also appeard for the exam.i took writing lesson from our teacher"SIMON"really it was very helpfull.no im waiting for result.
yes simon is really really very helpfull.
dr naseem

Thanks Dr Naseem,
I know Simon is star. I learned lots from this web site.

Thanks Simon. I hope to get 7.

thanks felora yes hope fully we will get a gud score this time.although this time writing second passage was hard but i hope every one had managed it carefully.felora are u using simon face book link? kindely do give youre comments on the facebook simon site as well so we all can be in touch as well.
any way i strongly recmended simon site to my friends and also his classes.
best wishes for everybody.
once again thanks to SIMON FOR GREAT HELP.

Thanks for your comments Naseem and Felora! Good luck to you both.


Hi Simon, we can also use 'It' as a linking word, could you compare and give us some examples. Thanks you very much!

Hi Trung,

"It" is a linking word because it refers to a noun in the previous sentence (and therefore links back to that noun):

"Do you like my new car? I bought it yesterday."

Hi Simon,

Can we replace " this" with "that" or "it" in those sentences? Is the meaning changed?

In fact, I always confuse when using these words. Could you help me explain them?

Hi Jengumiho,

'This' refers to the whole idea of the sentence or phrase that came before, whereas 'it' tends to refer only to the noun that came before.

You can't use 'it' for sentences 1 and 2. If you use 'it' in sentence 3, it means "a global economy", whereas 'this' refers to the whole idea in the sentence before.

'That' would be ok in all 3 sentences, but 'this' is better ('that' makes the idea seem further away - hope you see what I mean)

Hi Simon,

Thank you very much for your explanation. Now I can distinguish between these words.


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